Vilmos Zsigmond: Finding the Right Light

heavens gate

Legendary Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, passed away on January 1 this year. His body of work and collaborations in Hollywood, after he first came to prominence there with Robert Altman on McCabe & Mrs Miller, numbers some of the most classic films of American cinemas resurgence. Films like Deliverance, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Heaven’s Gate, The Deer Hunter, The Black Dahlia, and many more.

Vilmos Zsigmond polaroid on location, Heaven's Gate

Vilmos Zsigmond polaroid on location, Heaven’s Gate

Not all were (or still are) considered masterpieces at the time, but one thing the films he contributed to all have in common – they look damn beautiful.  Thanks to Vimeo user Phil Whitehead, we have here a wonderful video essay, comprised of Zsigmond work and examples of other films he admires, linked by sourced interviews conducted with him as narrative. Thanks to Cinephilia & Beyond for first posting and drawing our attention to this.

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