We Hate Movies – The Interview

Among the many film related podcasts on the internet sits a true gem. We Hate Movies is something that all lovers of film have been crying out for for a long time: a bunch of really funny guys to talk about bad movies. What’s more they don’t just talk about bad movies, they each take a bit of the fetid, shitty carcass and pull it apart bit by bit.  After all, these movies had it coming.

I caught up with Eric Szyszka from the show and asked some highly probing questions:

For the uninitiated, what is We Hate Movies?

We Hate Movies is a podcast that examines a new movie each week. We will generally target colossal mistakes and films that have not aged well. Our members are all part of a comedy arts collective called Private Cabin. Each of us has worked in the trenches of comedy, for instance, I used to intern for Conan O’Brien. Andrew and Steve have been performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater here in New York and other similar venues. Interestingly, Chris Cabin is an actual film critic. I think our wide range of experience and knowledge really makes the show as successful as it is. Our plan of attack for each week is that we try and use movies as a starting point to crack jokes. We like to get into the movie’s plot, poke holes in it, explain the absurdity, and go on tangents that can get really out there.

How did you guys meet up?

We all went to the same college – SUNY Purchase in Westchester County, New York. It’s a great small arts school. Andrew and I both majored in Cinema Studies and he was actually already friends with Chris and Steve when we met. They began riffing on movies together in college around 2002 and I joined their circle maybe a year later.

What made you decide to make a podcast?

Andrew was the one who initially came up with the idea. After college, we all ended up moving to New York City and after one of our many “shitty movie nights,” Andrew realized that other people might find it funny too. To be honest, I never thought it’d take off like it has – although it is very heartening to know that there are many of us out there that enjoy riffing on movies.

Eric Szyszka before the probing

How do you decide what movie to pick?

It’s a committee type of decision between the four of us and we really like them to stand-out as crazy. Luckily, none of us got much sun as children so we’ve all seen a lot of movies. Our process is that one of us will remember some bizarre movie we saw way back when and if it has a star in it or a deep cast that we can joke about, even better. We like the movies to be around 10 years old at least, because there’s so many other podcasts out there doing “brand new” stuff and personally, I prefer to dust something off and revisit it with fresh eyes. After a movie is suggested, someone else in our group will take a look at it in order to figure out if it is “an episode” or not.

Superman Returns better than this? Are they nuts?

Superman 4: The Quest for Peace better than Superman Returns, discuss.

That’s been a point of debate amongst our fans. I was on the Superman 3 episode of that podcast, not 4, but had I been, I’d say: Superman Returns is way better than Superman 4: The Quest for Peace and anyone who thinks otherwise is out of their mind. I don’t even really like Superman Returns all that much, but at least it knows what it’s doing.

Is there any movie you guys wouldn’t touch with a road-kill stick?

Every once and a while we’ll get a suggestion for something like Troll 2 or The Room. A lot of bad movies with a huge cult following are pretty much a no-go for us. What joke could I say that hasn’t been made fifty times before? Those movies are fun to watch, for sure, but I personally think they are over-exposed.

Just what do you have against Joe Don Baker?

Nothing per se, but let’s get down to brass tacks here: he’s a schlub. Not to say he isn’t lovable, but the man’s a schlub. He’s an interesting figure to us because he could never, ever be a leading man today. I don’t even think a 1970’s-era Burt Reynolds could be a box office draw today – and I hate the movies of today way more than those of the 70’s. I do like Joe Don Baker in movies like Walking Tall and GoldenEye but there’s a lot of work he’s done that I find hard to take seriously. I think he can be best explained by watching Mystery Science Theater 3000’s episode “Mitchell.”

(L-R) Stephen Sajdak, Sean Weiner (guest on episode 16 “Fuzz”), Chris Cabin, Andrew Jupin (Photo credit: Russell Peborde)

What are your favourite films/movies?

Blade Runner, They Died With Their Boots On with Errol Flynn, and Citizen Kane are the ones I keep coming back to. I also love stuff like John Carpenter’s They Live and honestly thought MacGruber was one of the better movies of 2010.

Is there any way (preferably one that involves a phone) that your listeners can request movies that can appear in future episodes?

Interesting that you’d ask! We are taking voicemail only requests at 718-925-3893. For our fans outside the United States, please don’t forget to add the US country code. You will have until November 28th to get your request in and then we will select 5 listener submissions to riff on and air them during each week of January.

Will there be any more James Belushi episodes? I think I speak for all the listeners when I say we need to hear more James Belushi impressions.

Most definitely. We don’t want to do them all right now; we’d like the show to last a little while! I can say that we’re definitely eyeing at least three. So keep listening and it’ll happen.

You are driving late one night and you run down a werewolf. What do you do?

Keep going, hope its dead, and never look back! I’ll add that in this scenario, the werewolf would be Taylor Lautner.

We Hate Movies is located here. Listen and laugh along, now!

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