Why Props Matter – A Video Essay

why props matter

From filmmaker Rishi Kaneria, we have his first video essay, examining the use of hand props in film, and their sometimes overlooked significance. From his narration: “Great props can transcend the boundaries of the films they are in and become legendary icons of cinema and pop culture. They can show the progress of mankind. Or reveal the hidden beauty of the world. A prop can be used as an opener for your film. Or set you up for a sequel. A prop can draw you into a scene. Or help you cut to another. A prop can be so important that it’s in the title of your film. Or it can BE the title of your film. A good prop can represent a character.”

Rosebud. The Memento polaroid. A simple match blown out by Peter O’Toole’s T.E Lawrence. A tossed bone that conveys aeons of evolution. Or a spinning top that just wobbles as we cut to black – did what we witness in Inception really happen they way we thought? Watch, and open your eyes and mind..


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